Construction Hydrant Meter Application and Installation Process & Flow Test Reporting

Effective July 1st, 2018 construction hydrant meters will require a customer supplied, certified, Reduced Pressure Principle Back-flow Assembly (RPPA / back-flow prevention device), per approved Construction Hydrant Meter Assembly Detail.

Instructions for Construction Hydrant Meter Rental 

1. Download Construction Hydrant Meter Package.

2. Complete and sign the Construction Hydrant Meter Application.

3. Submit completed Construction Hydrant Meter Application  and signed Construction Hydrant Meter Conditions of Service Agreement to:  with a $100 application payment by phone, by mail or in person at the 155 North Tegner, Suite “A”. Payments are made payable to, “Town of Wickenburg”.

 4. Upon approval of Construction Hydrant Meter Application, applicant is required to submit certified test results for your RPPA (backflow) and $1500 deposit along with Utility Application & Service Request Form.  See item 3 for payment specifics. Device certification must be within 30 days of each connection or reconnection. As soon as certification is verified and deposit is received, a hydrant installation appointment will be scheduled by Town of Wickenburg field personnel.

If you have any questions regarding this new policy please contact the Public Works Department at 928 684 2761.  For questions regarding payments, please call the utilities desk at 928 668 0520 or : 


Hydrant Flow Test Report 

For contractors and engineers requiring a flow test a Hydrant Flow Test Report form is available here. Click here for access.