Appreciate Az Photo Contest

Thank you to all of our participants. 

Please click the link here to vote for your favorite photo in each category. 

Voting closes on Sunday, December 5th.

Category 1: Landscapes

Photos that highlight beautiful Arizona landscapes.

Photo A: Red Cliffs with Moon  
Vote HereLandscapes A

Photo B: Desert and City at Night
Vote HereLandscapes B

Photo C: Sunlight Behind Mountains
Vote HereLandscapes C

Category 2: Flora and Fauna

Photos that capture the beauty and variety of plants and trees that can be found in Arizona.

Photo A: Purple Wildflowers
Vote HereFlora and Fauna A

Photo B: Saguaro Cactus
Vote HereFlora and Fauna B

Photo C: Group of Chollas
Vote HereFlora and Fauna C

Category 3: Wildlife

From majestic to unique, photos that showcase Arizona's diverse wildlife.

Photo A: Wild Burros
Vote HereWildlife A

Photo B: Groundhog
Vote HereWildlife B

Photo C: Owl
Vote HereWildlife C

Category 4: The Great Outdoors

Amazing shots that show off the many ways to enjoy Arizona's outdoors; whether its camping, hiking the trails, roaring down a mountainside on your bike, or adventuring in an off-road vehicle.

Photo A: UTVs in Box Canyon
Vote HereGreat Outdoors A

Photo B: Hiking the Trail
Vote HereGreat Outdoors B

Photo C: Biking the Mountainside
Vote HereGreat Outdoors C

Category 5: Wickenburg Community

Photographs that showcase our wonderful Wickenburg community.

Photo A: Heart at Rec Center
Vote HereWickenburg Community A

Photo B: Sunset at Sunset Park Ballfield
Vote HereWickenburg Community B

Photo C: Welcome to Wickenburg Sign at Sunset
Vote HereWickenburg Community C