Special Event Permits

Per Town Code Chapter 9 Business, Article 9-3 Special Events Permits

Who Must Apply

Anyone planning a single-gathering event or series of related daily gatherings/events of any nature at a public facility or a private property that any of the following apply:

  1. If the public is invited; or
  2. If you are charging admission or selling tickets; or
  3. Requires temporary parking areas; or
  4. Is held in a public park or on public right-of-way; or
  5. Has amplified music or voices which can be heard outside of the event location; or
  6. Requires temporary traffic control to provide for safe ingress and egress to the event venue; or
  7. Requires a Special Event Liquor License; or
  8. Requires temporary sanitation facilities; or
  9. Requires the installation of temporary structures or tents of more than 120 square feet; or
  10. Has other adverse impact on public health, safety and/or welfare.
Examples of Special Events

  • Carnivals/Circuses/Fairs
  • Block Parties 
  • Bonfires
  • Ceremonies
  • Cultural Events
  • Exhibitions or Shows
  • Festivals
  • Grand Openings
  • Large Social Gatherings
  • Markets
  • Parades/Processions
  • Promotional events in parking lots
  • Races / Rallies / Sports Tournaments
* A Special Event Permit is NOT required if the event is held at a non-town owned designated event center, and you are not requiring any Town services, such as an event at the Webb Center, school facilities or other event center in Town.

What is considered a public facility?

A public facility is defined as land, outdoor parks, recreational facilities, streets, sidewalks, parking lots and rights-of way that are owned, leased, operated, maintained or controlled by the Town of Wickenburg. (If your event is being held on private property; if it meets any of the above criteria you will need a Special Event Permit)

A special event permit is NOT required if you plan to hold your event at a town park or facility and:

  1. The public is not invited, it is a private event (i.e. wedding, birthday)
  2. No liquor will be sold
  3. No merchandise is sold

Town of Wickenburg Special Event Application

The special event permit is a free permit.  The following attachments are required based on your special event:

  1. A Special Event Application - If your event is on Town Property, contact Katie Davidson at 928-668-0565 or kdavidson@wickenburgaz.org and she will assist you with a special event application specific to the venue.  If your event is on private property, please complete this Special Event Permit for events, not on Town property.
  2. A site plan/map must accompany your application
  3. Liability Insurance
  4. A State of Arizona Department of Revenue Reporting Form must be filled out and sent to pcramer@azdor.gov two weeks prior to the event and the final one no more than five days after the event
  5. Any vendor must have a Town of Wickenburg Business License or a Temporary Special Event License. The cost is $10.00 per vendor for a one day event or $25.00 per vendor for up to four consecutive days. A “Vendor” is anyone selling any merchandise, souvenirs, food, alcohol, tickets etc. 
  6. If you are selling alcohol you must provide a copy of your liquor license or apply for a Special Event Liquor License (www.azliquor.gov or call (602) 542-5141). Please note that any special event liquor license application needs to be approved by the Town of Wickenburg Council prior to submission to the State of Arizona Liquor Control. 
  7. In order to sell or give away any food or beverage product at an event, you are required to apply for and receive a temporary food service establishment permit from Maricopa/Yavapai County Health Department. 
  8. If you are installing a tent or canopy that is larger than 10’ x 10’ then a Temporary Use Permit is required from the Town of Wickenburg at a cost of $50.00.
  9. If your event includes fireworks or an open flame a permit is required from the Town of Wickenburg.
  10. Banner hanging fee is $25.00 (Only non-profit organizations are allowed)

Why is a Special Event Permit Application Required?

  1. So that all emergency personnel are aware that your event is taking place, the location, estimate of attendees, and a contact person for the event.
  2. So that all Town Departments are aware of your event and make sure that any services that you require are fulfilled (i.e. lighting, restrooms open, sprinklers off, trash containers).
  3. To make sure that your event is a safe event for all attendees.
  4. To have your event listed in the Town of Wickenburg’s Calendar of Events on the Town website.

Special Event Filing Timeline

A completed Special Event Permit Application and site plan must be received no later than 30 calendar days prior to the event. Events involving a political march or rally, or other exercise of rights guaranteed by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution of Article II, Section 6 of the Arizona Constitution, shall be received at least 15 calendar days prior to the first day of the event.


There is no fee to process the application. However, fees may be assessed for some town services including facility rental and maintenance, police, fire, field services, sanitation. Individual town departments will estimate the cost of accommodating the event. Actual costs may be presented prior to the event or billed by each department and paid by the sponsoring organization upon receipt of billing.

Site Plan

A comprehensive site plan includes the following:

  • Entrances to the event
  • Location of any doors to be blocked off
  • Location of fences (including type and height)
  • Stage 
  • Sound amplification systems
  • Tents
  • Signage
  • Cooking areas
  • Portable restrooms or permanent restroom facilities
  • Generators
  • Carnival or amusement rides
  • Fireworks
  • Parking areas
  • Street or alley closures
  • Location of emergency medical services
  • Parade routes
  • Location of money being collected
  • Sale of alcohol locations
  • Fencing, barricades, or other control measures and security positions
  • Traffic Control Plan including traffic flow and controls may also be required
  • All other special features that may apply, must accompany this application
If your event is to be held on Town of Wickenburg property, please contact Katie Davidson at 928-684-5451 x1565 or email at kdavidson@wickenburgaz.org to make your reservations and she will assist you with the Special Event Permit for that facility. 

The town is at your service and welcomes your suggestions. We want your event to be successful and will work closely with you to accomplish that goal. For questions, or to obtain a Special Event Permit application for non-Town Property, please contact the Town Clerk's Office at 928-684-5451 or by email. The Special Event Application is also available online.

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